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About Abbekås Hamnkrog – This is us! 

It’s a bit further to go, but much better. Abbekås hamnkrog is totally new. Since: ”Hans- i luckan” closed its small but very popular hole in the wall, there has been no restaurant in Abbekås Habour – and no hotel either.
We may be newcomers to the South Coast but we plan to make Abbekås Hamnkrog and Hotel one of the “sunshine coast’s” best restaurants with one of the cosiest and most worth-a-visit hotels. The conditions are fantastic, the location is unbeatable and the environment is better than you can imagine.
Our restaurant is a meeting place where guests always feel welcome and comfortable. A restaurant where it makes no difference whether you can pronounce the name of that wonderful French wine correctly or not – as long as you appreciate it. A restaurant where we make time, time to prepare food, time to talk, time to live.
There are so many rushed places in the world – everything has to go so quickly. But we want to run a restaurant for those who appreciate the good things in life. People who can sit comfortably and enjoy good food, delicious cakes, and great wine or a tasty beer. Basically a place where you can relax and enjoy the moment.
For all of you who live nearby, we are your extra lounge where you can come to meet old friends or see new faces. For all of you who are just passing through or travelling along our beautiful coast, we want to offer you the opportunity to take a break and enjoy the special, genuine environment that Abbekås Harbour provides.

Those of us who work here

Abbekås Hamnkrog is a village restaurant run by the Holm Family. Our moto is unpretentious but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t serious about what we do. It just means that nobody here is better than anyone else, warmth and friendliness rules.
I, Lotta Melberg Holm and my husband Björn Holm have been and still are journalists and authors. Björn has written many historical novels and has just finished a new manus.
I am a medical journalist – with a particular interest in food and health.
Alongside the writing, we ran Asknäs Restaurant and Café at Asknäs Estate on Ekerö island outside Stockholm for 8 years. It was challenging at times but mostly wonderful, energy inspiring and great fun! We have now sold Asknäs Estate and we can concentrate on developping Abbekås Hamkrog and Hotel to the little pearl it can become.
Before we started the restaurant Björn worked for the Express for 17 years and for 7 of them he was one of the newspaper’s restaurant critics. I myself, as a journalist and reporter, have stayed in hotels and eaten in restaurants all over the world, sometimes more than I would have wished for.
Lova has travelled with us since she was little. Despite her youth, she knows exactly what she wants from a restaurant or a hotel, and therefore also what she wants to give our guests.
All three of us have experienced that as a guest, one sometimes feels like an annoyance to the restaurant staff. We have had the feeling many times that the waiting staff thought that they were superiour to us, their guests. Sometimes we have felt like turning on our heels and going home when we have checked in to yet another nice, but oh so impersonal hotel. It’s awful.

But we did it in Asknäs and we plan on doing it again. At Abbekås Hamnkrog we will once more create a restaurant and hotel where the guests are at the centre all the time – not just when the bill has to be paid!

We would love to see you here!
Lotta Mellberg Holm, returned skånish-exile and restauranteur
Björn Holm, A stockholmer who thrives on skånish turf and even more so in Abbekås Harbour
Lova Holm, A Stockholmer who thinks skånish is the coolest accent and that skånish people are wonderful
Smilla, the restaurant dog with roots in Gävle in northern Sweden. She’s forming plans to open “Chez Smilla”, her own restaurant for our four-footed friend.


Did you know we have La Soupe in Malmö?

Adelgatan 4 (between Stortorget and Centralen)
Isbergs gata 14 (in Dockan)
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11:00-14:30

NEW LA SOUPE Davidshallstorg 9 Opening hours Mon-Tue 11:30-15:00
Wed-Sat 11:30-around 22:00
Sunday: 17:00-22:00
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Abbekås Hamnkrog & Hotell
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